About Us

So here’s where you get to learn a little more about us….

We come as two standard line-ups:

3 piece band: female vocalist, female vocalist on keyboards, and a guitarist (the rest is on backing track, so we sound like a much bigger band but only take up the space and budget of a smaller one!)

4 piece band: female vocalist, female vocalist on keyboards, guitarist and live drums (and again there are extra bits on the backing track so we have the sound of a much bigger line-up)

We also have options to book with or without a sound engineer. It really depends on the size of your event as to what you’d need. If you give our office team a call or email and let them know how many guests you’ll be expecting and what sort of event you’re having, they’ll be able to tell you what will work best.


We are part of MIB Music Ltd which is a fabulous music management company that run some of the countries top covers bands and live music acts. The great thing about this is that they have a manned office so (unlike with most musicians, bless us, a lot of us muso’s are not so talented in office efficiency!) you will get quick and efficient answers to your questions and everything will be organised by them from start to finish. Also if you’re interested in package deals, or are looking at various bands its worth chatting to them about what they can do.


We have a huge amount of experience and have played at thousands of events over the past 10 years. We used to be known under another name ‘The Funkadelics’ but decided the ‘LOL Band’ is way more our style these days. We’ve performed all over the world (Dubai. Abu Dhabi, Egypt, all over Europe and lots more), and our corporate clients have included:


We are super duper professional (we sadly don’t live up to the rock n’ roll musicians rumours in any way – there won’t be any TVs being thrown out of windows – we do however live off an addiction to coffee and M&S sandwiches most of the time!)

We have a huge collection of musicians who play with us, and collectively we’ve worked with artistes like Jools Holland, Jamiroquai, Amy Winehouse, Lemar, Liberty X, Lily Allen, Professor Green, Rudimental, Robbie Williams, Lulu and many more.


If you want to learn more about us, or more about booking a band in general, we’d recommend taking a look at the MIB Music blog site – there’s loads of info on there, lots of advice when it comes to first dances, and the whole ‘booking a band’ process!